Are you a style connoisseur?

Style your spaces with Mistose

Are you a lover of aesthetics?

Adorn your ambience with Mistose

Are you a sworn perfectionist?

Embellish your décor with Mistose
Stylish FRP planters for stylish people.

Mistose is a grand collection of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) planters that give shape to your beautiful vision. We believe that stylish people with refined aesthetic sensibilities should have something palpably fashionable at their disposal. So we created these fiberglass planters, something so effortlessly elegant that the sophisticated will feel as if the indescribable element in their inner vision of a beautiful space has been placed in front of them.

Mistose is one of the few online platforms for buying planters in India. These fiber planters, which can be used both as outdoor garden planters or as indoor designer planters, are traditionally called plant pots in the online world.

Your vision of beauty,
fibreglass planters from Mistose.

Mistose is the outer manifestation of the inner beauty that defines well-designed spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Mistose is an unmatched collection of trendy planters whose mere presence makes spaces beautiful.

Mistose facilitates the sale of outdoor garden planters and beautiful indoor designer plant pots that take the style quotient of your ambience to an altogether new level.

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